Sierra Corporate Events


Vacation Rentals or Sales

Sierra Corporate Events is a Premium events coordinator that prides ourselves on planning and providing high quality high end rooms in all worldwide destinantions. We specialize primarily in vacation destinatations for corporate buyers. We want your inventory and we offer an amazing return for your stock. We ensure ease throughout the transaction and want you to see the best outcome from your initial investment.

Are you using your vacation property to its fullest? If not, let us help you see a way to rent or sell your unit and enjoy a profit from that original purchase. If you are using your vacation membership we still have options for you.

Properties for Sale or Rent

We have an internal database to send all listings to our corporate buyers. The available inventory changes frequently and the buyers prefer this added service.


Vacation Property Cities

Though we primarily stock inventory in Mexico we always work with other destinations upon request from our corporate buyers. If your resort is in another area we are always looking to expand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

It is our standard to respond in a timely manner, however please keep in mind that
response times may vary based on volume or demand.